Teaching FAQs


How many slides should I prepare for a 45-minute Group Class?

Short answer: 20

Long answer: It really depends on your teaching approach. Some teachers may focus on the live video stream of themselves with few or maybe no slides utilized. This approach may seem intimidating to most and we would recommend that you have at least some visual stimulus throughout your 45-minute presentation.

To keep your audience engaged, we’d recommend that you prepare 20 to 25 slides, not staying on one for longer than 2 minutes. Try not to make your slides too detailed or use them as your script. Focus on entertaining and relevant pictures or key language points.

How much should I interact with the students in a Group Class?

The majority of the group will not enjoy waiting for the teacher to address specific issues raised by an individual student. Try to use our polling utility and concept checking questions to gauge the general issues that the class has. Once you’ve found a common misunderstanding with a large number of your group, you can address it with instant messages or by inserting text boxes or drawings on your slides.

Make sure you leave room for a little feedback time when designing your presentation.

What should I do in a 1 to 1 Class?

Grade your language according to the level of the student.

Be quiet and listen! This is the student’s opportunity to develop their speaking skills… it is not ‘an audience with Teacher……’!

Ask open questions. Closed questions get one word answers, and that is no good for speaking skills development.

Respond to what your students says. The answers to open questions can be followed up on with genuine interest (Why do you think that? What happened next? That’s interesting, what did she say?” etc.).

Be prepared to explain the grammar or vocabulary you taught.

Be patient, with students, technology and yourself. They can see and hear you!

What is the Practice Page for?

After signing up to your Group or 1 to 1 Class, students can move to the Practice Page. On this page they will be able to access all of your practice activities. It is a space for them to practice, experiment, explore and learn!

All of the activities you plan and upload in this stage are controlled practice activities. Some may be very controlled, others less so. Freer practice will come during the 1 to 1 Class.

What can I do on the Practice Page?

Our practice page is an area where you can upload practice documents for your students, including Microsoft word files, PowerPoint files, images and audio.

The tools in our practice page allow you to provide your students with controlled practice of the Meaning, Form and Pronunciation of your target language.

The Vocab bar tool enables you write your target language with definitions, explanations, rules, examples and pictures. It is easy to provide context to each item of target language, greatly helping learners to understand the true meaning of the target language.

The Record function within the Vocab Bar Tool is of huge importance to Vietnamese learners because it enables them to hear the target language being pronounced accurately and naturally by their teacher. If you have recorded yourself pronouncing the target language using the Vocab Bar Tool, your students will be able to listen to you saying the word as many times as they need.

Our practice tools also allow you to upload and edit practice, video content from your PC or YOUTUBE.

Click here for a more in-depth guide to using the Practice Page.


When is the best time to schedule my class?

In order to optimize your class attendances please try to schedule your classes either from Monday to Friday, from 18:00 to 21:00 or on Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 to 21:00. Currently, most of Hoczita’s students are based in Vietnam which is situated within the ‘Indochina’ Time Zone (UTC +07:00). If you are not based in Vietnam please check the time difference before you schedule your lessons: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/vietnam/hanoi

How do I know what to teach in my lessons?

Visit our teacher homepage for the top 5 most popular topics of the week: https://www.hoczita.com/Teacher/Home

This page is regularly updated with the current search trends of our Hoczita students and is a great way to decide on a topic for your next lesson.

How can I attract more students to my lessons?

Make sure that your lessons are being scheduled during the prime time (see “When is the best time to schedule my lessons”) for the Vietnam market.

Make sure you are choosing lesson topics and/or language points that our students are interested in (see “How do I know what to teach in my lessons?”).

Consider offering some lessons for free or for a lower fee, at first, in order to boost your popularity. Once you have gained interest you can move your prices up.


How much money will I earn from one lesson?

Hoczita teachers earn 80% of their total fees paid by students. 20% is afforded to Hoczita for services rendered.

The fee charged for each lesson is dictated by the teacher when scheduling the lesson.

How much should I charge for a Group Class?

This will depend on your Hoczita rating and popularity with repeat students.

There is a maximum number of 30 students in any one Group Class which means that the price you charge should be accordingly low.

For example: Consider that you charge 50,000 VND per student and fill your class with 30 students. You will receive 80% of the total fees, which is 1.2 million VND for a 45-minute presentation.

How much should I charge for a 1 to 1 Class?

This will depend on your Hoczita rating and popularity with repeat students.

As you can only teach two ‘one to one’ students per hour you should charge a higher price than for the Group Class.

For example: Consider that you charge 300,000 VND per student and teach two students in one hour. You will receive 80% of the total fees, which is 480,000 VND for one hours work.

When and how will I receive payment for my lessons from Hoczita?

Hoczita pays its teachers via PayPal. Teachers must have a PayPal account in order to use Hoczita. Signup to PayPal here: https://www.paypal.com

Hoczita teachers earnings are calculated from the 1st to the final day of the month with the subsequent payment being made on the 10th of the following month.

Example 1: If your lesson is delivered on the 29th of March, you will receive 80% of this lesson’s revenue on the 10th of April.

Example 2: If your lesson is delivered on the 1st of April, you will receive 80% of this lesson’s revenue on the 10th of May.